Fence Contractor: The Benefits of Choosing a Vinyl Fence for Your Home

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We have recently discussed several of the reasons why vinyl fencing has become so popular among homeowners. If you are looking to install a new fence on your property, here are a few additional benefits of doing so. A Long Lifespan Vinyl fences are extremely durable, which makes them one of the longest-lasting fencing options… Read more »

Why Should You Choose a Split Rail Fence?

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Split rail fencing calls to mind the traditional American west and is a great option for adding a sense of rustic charm to your property. If you’re looking for a simple, low-cost way to mark your property line without sacrificing looks, then a split rail fence may be just what you’re looking for. Have a… Read more »

Why Choose a Board on Board Fence?

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Good fences may not make good neighbors, but they can certainly be a great stepping stone toward building a good relationship with the folks next door and keeping your own family safe. A board on board fence offers both neighbors several benefits, including privacy, security, and versatility in designs and finishes. Since board on board fences… Read more »

Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing for Minimal Maintenance

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If you’re eager to have new fencing installed around your property, but are concerned about maintenance and the work it will take to keep the fence looking nice, it’s best to look into the following tips. Instead of choosing a wooden fence that can take a lot of work to look it’s best over the… Read more »

Five Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fencing

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Do you need a sturdy but inexpensive fence to mark your property line, keep out trespassers, and add to the overall look of your home? Here are five reasons why aluminum fencing is the perfect choice for many fencing projects. 1. Low Cost Aluminum fencing is a much less expensive alternative to more traditional wrought iron fences. While a… Read more »