Why Did My Deck Rot?

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If part of your deck seems soft, spongy or discolored, it may be rotting. Be sure to tackle this problem quickly before the rot spreads and creates safety hazards. It’s also vital to understand the cause of this decay. Water Flow If rainwater lands on the deck when your roof sheds it, this could promote… Read more »

How to Make a Fence Last Longer

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A fence enhances security, boosts privacy and increases the value of your home. However, it can only continue to provide these vital benefits if you fully maintain and protect it. Be sure to take steps to maximize the longevity of your fencing: Reflectors Motor vehicles have the potential to seriously damage a fence, so it’s… Read more »

How to Choose the Best Fencing to Keep Animals Out

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If you have ornamental plants, a vegetable garden, or crops that you want to protect from animals, it’s crucial to select a fence carefully. After all, different creatures can crawl, climb, jump, fly or burrow! For the best results, look for fencing that meets the following criteria. No Gaps Many animals squeeze through remarkably narrow… Read more »