3 Questions to ask yourself when finding a Good Fence Contractor

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A fence is an important part of your home because it keeps intruders out and clearly marks the space which belongs to you and your family. Additionally, it’s important for aesthetic reasons—it lends a finishing touch to your home. So it’s important to find a good, reliable fence contractor who will be able to build… Read more »

Aluminum Fencing: The Cleaner, Greener Option for your Fencing Needs

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A lot of people are trying to live a greener lifestyle these days, and to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. For example, people recycle newspapers and bottles, drive electric cars, and use LED light bulbs; but when it comes to home repairs and additions, people sometimes overlook obvious ways to go green. If you’re… Read more »

Part 2: Five Situations where you’ll be Glad You Have a Privacy Fence

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In Part 1 of this series, we discussed three of the five scenarios where you may want your privacy. Here are the remaining two situations that you’ll want to consider. 4.) Tending to your garden When it comes to tending to a garden or caring for your property, a considerable amount of your time may… Read more »