Enhance Your Home with a Custom Deck

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Are you seeking a way to expand your current outdoor living space to accommodate additional patio furniture, a larger cooking area, or even a heated spa? Adding a new deck or expanding an existing one can be the perfect way to achieve all of these solutions. Outdoor decks are one of the hottest trends among… Read more »

4 Questions to Answer Before You Add a Deck

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Installing a deck is a wonderful way to get more enjoyment from your home. Asking yourself these questions provides direction to your design process. Taking time to think through these questions also helps you get a finished product that meets your expectations. How Do You Plan to Use the Deck? Decks offer versatile outdoor living… Read more »

How to Make a Deck Safe For Everyone

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If you’re fortunate enough to own a home with a deck, you have an outdoor living area that probably provides an excellent space for socializing and relaxation. Some people also like to cook and eat meals in this area. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to prevent falls by ensuring that you have a safe deck before you… Read more »