Aluminum Fencing: The Cleaner, Greener Option for your Fencing Needs

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A lot of people are trying to live a greener lifestyle these days, and to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. For example, people recycle newspapers and bottles, drive electric cars, and use LED light bulbs; but when it comes to home repairs and additions, people sometimes overlook obvious ways to go green. If you’re… Read more »

Part 1: Five Situations where you’ll be Glad You Have a Privacy Fence

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People choose to get a fence put in around their residence for a variety of reasons. They may want to improve the overall appearance of their property, or perhaps use a fence for additional safety. These are great reasons to have a fence installed, but a fence can also help in maintaining your family’s privacy…. Read more »

Is It Time to Install a Privacy Fence?

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This is a question most homeowners are likely to ask themselves at one point or another; unless, of course, they live far enough away from a busy road, pesky neighbors or a commercial property—each of which we consider to be reasons why you should install a privacy fence. Join us below as we take a… Read more »

Improve Your Home before Selling with Fence Installation

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If your home currently doesn’t have fencing surrounding it, you may be concerned about a lack of privacy or the space not looking as contained. When you’re planning on moving and are listing your home for sale, you may be looking for ways to increase the selling value of your home. With this in mind,… Read more »