Privacy Fences vs Open Fences

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As Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” How to apply that quote is anyone’s guess. Just as people set boundaries for a variety of purposes, so too do our literal fences serve to establish a particular set of boundaries. Thus, one must look at his or her circumstances before determining whether to build… Read more »

Fence Building: Leave it to the Professionals

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When you are considering putting up a fence, it is important to know exactly why you want it. That’s because fence building should reflect that individual purpose for its existence. Are you building a fence for privacy, to protect your children or pets, or simply to provide a separation from your neighbors? Each of these… Read more »

Aluminum Fencing Will Add Durability and Elegance to Your Home

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When you are considering all the fencing options on the market, you should really put aluminum fencing at the top of your list. Aluminum fencing is beautiful and offers you the needed security and separation without all the maintenance that comes with a wooden fence. A Variety of Styles If you want a fence that doesn’t… Read more »

3 Ways Allstar Fence & Deck Can Help You with Your New Fence

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While we are well aware that a fence won’t install itself, sometimes doing it without the aid of a professional is ill-advised. A fence install requires some knowledge and expertise that an average homeowner simply won’t know – after all… you have no reason to know it! That’s why we recommend using a professional to… Read more »